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Important notice
The village is not opened to public visiting at any time of the year. Please do not contact us with such requests.

Canadiana Village

Western town studio for motion picture for rent

You are back in the 19th century when country life was rugged and simple. At the village you'll see how our hardy pioneer people carved their homes out of the wilderness. Come to our antique town and see our western section, at Canadiana Village, with its numerous pioneers houses where time stands still… situated in Rawdon, 50 minutes from Montreal!
You will discover the replica of a western town as well as a rural village with over 38 original buildings more than 100 years old, thousands of props and decoration items are available for movie set in a charming country setup.
The Canadiana Village is now available for your enjoyment. Would it be for:
Up to 750 persons can have access to the site, including parking facilities.
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